Installing ElasticSearch on existing docker container

I was using a Cloudera Quickstart docker image for one experiment and wanted to install ElasticSearch on it but i had trouble in accessing from my host, but i found workaround by following these steps
  • First i installed ElasticSearch by downloading and unzipping ElasticSearch version 2.4.3 and unzipping it in /opt/elastic folder
  • Then i started elasticsearch by executing /bin/elasticsearch, and it started ok. When i ran curl -XGET "http://localhost:9200/ from inside docker images i was able to access ElasticSearch, but when i tried to access it from my host machine, i could not access it. But where as i was able to access other services running on my docker image. So first i tried running netstat on my docker image to see why i was able to access other services but not elasticsearch (Also to make sure if elasticsearch was actually listening on port 9200 and i got output like this
  • Looking at the port mapping i could see that other services were mapped to but elasticsearch was only mapped to, so i opene <ELASTICSEARCH_HOME>/config/elasticsearch.yml and added two more lines to it like this
  • Then i restarted elasticsearch server and i checked the netstat again and i could see this mapping, and when i tried accessing elasticsearch from host machine it worked

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